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These have become challenging times for people in Glasgow and Central Scotland looking to sell their home. The reality is that buyers actually exist out there. And they exist in droves ! But since the credit crunch hit, the banks have withdrawn into themselves and display a super-cautious outlook that turns out to be the aftermath of their own mistakes.

As a result, the aspirations of the property-buying public, not just in Glasgow and Central Scotland, but also worldwide have had to be put on hold to some extent, absorbing the impact as all this financial turmoil sorts itself out.

At PropertyGlasgow.Biz we've sensed that the property market here is never going to go back to being the way it was before.

We've come to understand that the property market not just here in Glasgow and Central Scotland but also worldwide, has been undergoing a process of metamorphosis throughout all of this, a period of seismic change in effect, and we believe we'll come to look back on this time as a watershed in property-buying culture. We'll never treat property selling and buying in the same old formulaic and boring way again. We'll come to talk about the pre credit crunch property market and the post credit crunch property market. So farewell to it !

Anyway, it's from these sorts of circumstances that there's been a need for an estate agency like PropertyGlasgow.Biz to be born.

At PropertyGlasgow.Biz we've come on the scene as Scotland's premier supplemental estate agent. By being 'supplemental' we mean at least two things. First of all, we're quite happy for you to have any other (primary) estate agent working for you at the same time as us. Some pre credit crunch estate agents don't want you to do that. They still take an 'olde worlde', outdated and privileged view of their own importance. They demand your undivided love right from the start of their relationship with you even though they've done nothing to deserve it yet.

With it's not like that. While pre credit crunch estate agents will want their fee irrespective of whoever actually brings you your buyer, only look for their fee IF they bring . . .

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